Home Design by Tebay Construction!

We offer individual home design services and stock plans as well. As we get new designs, we will add them to our online gallery.

Our goal is to have your custom design process down to a painless, enjoyable experience. We have the technology to design your home, build off of your plans, and give you conceptual visuals to help you pick the home that is right for you.

We have the flexibility to design your home as simple or elaborate as you want. With our no pressure consultation, you can rest easy knowing that your dream is in good hands.

Our experienced team can guide you in the right direction for picking finishes, kitchens, flooring, and even color combinations to set your home apart from the rest. Who wants a house that looks like every other house on the block?

We guarantee your satisfaction.

Home Design

For help or questions about your new home, call Tebay Construction Today!: http://tebayhomes.com/contact/